Skills in Court
By Jose Albiol, Eduardo Diaz & Gloria Spalek

For all those who wonder the skills that lawyers should have in Court...

  • "The most successful trial lawyers are often master storytellers, making their cases come true for their jurors. The reason is that stories matter... stories are the deepest and most obvious way that humans organize, communicate, receive, and digest facts"

                                                                         G. Christopher Ritter

  • The skills that will make you SUCCEED 

We have based our choices on an intensive research accross the most successful law companies

Our aim is to provide users updated with the legal reality and excel their client's expectations  

Trial Skills

  1. Organization 
  2. Communication
  3. Civility
  4. Confidence
  5. Competitive Spirit
  6. Emotional Intelligence
  7. Curiosity
  8. Persuasiveness
  9. Prioritizing 
  10. Know-how
  11. Cross Examination

Leading law companies

  1. Uria
  2. Cuatrecasas 
  3. Perez Llorca
  4. Garrigues 
  5. Gomez Acebo y Pombo

We can HELP you JOIN THEM ! We will keep you updated with materials to increase your skills at Court and update you with the recent legal news


    • Meeting procedural timeline

    • Prioritizing arguments in order of importance

    • Understanding and reading the materials in advance

    • Planning the strategy of your client's defense

    • Practicing your presentation skills in advance


    • Avoid confrontational arguments

    • Hostile tactics of volume

    • Respect

    • Intelligence

    • Uncivil behaviour harms attorney´s ability to negotiate


    • Knowing the subject - matter of the claim

    • Self-esteem, you need confidence when 'selling your case

    • Empathy, establish a bond

    • Communication skills



    • Make decisions constantly during the trial

    • Choices are made without having full knowledge or complete assessments of the facts

    • Learn by instinct to translate mountains of information into clear actions

    • Als important to radiate positivity and confidence to clients

    • Confident lawyers maintain their composure throughout the trial


  • Attain awareness and information about our own emotions to perceive the emotions of others
  • More effective communicator
  • Better leader
  • Reduce stress
  • Avoid conflict


    • Being able to see which arguments are more relevant to win the case

    • It makes no sense to waste time in small details: limited time to impress the judge

    • State your arguments according to to the root of the claim

    • Provide arguments that are backed up with the law

    • Case law is not that persuasive in Civil law systems


    • Explore other areas of law

    • Avoid deep specialization

    • General knowledge to make decisions during trial

    • Think outside the box